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Jet Boat Packages

The Ultimate Adventure

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Jet Boating over BroadwaterThis premium ride is the most exhilarating 55 minute jet boat thrill ride on the beautiful Gold Coast Broadwater. Take in the sights of waterfront mansions, sandbanks and pristine beaches as you pass by the prestigious Southport Yacht Club, Sheraton Mirage, Versace Hotel and Sea World, all while enjoying the local commentary from our highly experienced drivers.

Get set for amazing stunts, power brake stops, sweeping fish tails and some really wild wave riding. Encounter pure adrenalin, high speed and more 360 degree spins than you can imagine as you twist, slide and jet your way through the ride of your life!

  • Adult:   $62
  • Child:   $45 (5 years or 100cm up to 14years)
  • Family: $173 (2 adults + 2 children)

Departs: Departing at hourly intervals from 10:00am daily (bookings are recommended).
We are closed Christmas Day (25 December)

Jet Boat Experience with Sea World Drop Off

Sea World dolphinsExperience the ultimate jet boat adventure with a complementary Sea World drop off so you can fit more in to your holiday.

This package is available only for jet boat tours that depart at 10:00am, 11am or 12:00pm to allow you ample time to enjoy a fun-filled day at Sea World. Bookings for this tour are essential. Please note that Sea World admission is not included. 

  • Adult:   $62
  • Child:   $45(5 years or 100cm up to 14 years)
  • Family: $173 (2 adults + 2 children)

Departs: Departing only at 10:00am,11am and  12:00pm (other times on request only)

Jet Boat Ride + Helicopter flight

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Jet Boat and Helicopter tourEnjoy Gold Coast views from the air aboard a scenic helicopter flight and from the water aboard an exhilarating jet boat ride along the Gold Coast’s famous waterways.

Jump aboard a powerful Gold Coast jet boat for an adrenalin-packed ride, full of 360 degree spins, slides and shallow water skimming before taking to the sky on a blood-pumping helicopter flight over the Gold Coast!

Brace yourself for an exhilarating 55-minute jet boat thrill ride through the Gold Coast's Broadwater as you take in the sights of waterfront mansions, the beautiful hinterland, sandbanks and pristine beaches. Experience more 360 degree spins than you can imagine as you spin, slide and jet your way to Wave Break Island, South Stradbroke Island and into the Gold Coast Seaway!

But the fun doesn't stop after 55-minutes! You’ll next arrive at the Gold Coast Sheraton Mirage Heliport for an adrenaline-packed 10-minute scenic helicopter flight. Take in panoramic views of the Gold Coast as you fly over the Royal Pines, Jupiters Casino, Q1 and Broadbeach before turning north along the foreshores of Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Sea World and South Stradbroke Island before returning to the Gold Coast Sheraton Mirage Heliport.

This extreme jet boat and helicopter adventure is not to be missed! Book Now

  • Adult: $168.00
  • Child: $130.00 (5 years up to 12 years)

Requirements: Price of at least two paying Adults is required before a Helicopter can take to the air.

Jet Boat Ride + Slingshot + Vomatron

The Slingshot: This innovative slingshot amusementjet boat slingshot vomatron device is by far one of the most exciting vertical amusement rides available today. Slingshot passengers are propelled over 100 metres at speeds in the region of 160 kilometres per hour. 

The Vomatron: Powered by 2 huge electric motors that rotate the giant 40 meter arm at speeds of more than 120 kilometers per hour, the Vomatron throws the capsules into extreme spins putting 4gs of force upon its unwary passages. Then just as they think it is all over, it spins in reverse with the same degree of pure torture as before.

Gold Coast Australia’s number 1 Jet Boating experience will take you through some of the area’s most stunning scenery as well as experiencing the thrill & excitement aboard the Coast’s largest and most powerful purpose-built jet boat. A must-do activity when you visit the Gold Coast, save your jet boat experience for Gold Coast Jet X.

Adrenaline Park features a range of thrilling, stomach churning rides designed to inject a healthy dose of adrenaline into the bloodstream of visitors game enough to try them.

  • Adult: $106.00